We are authorized by The City of New York to provide service.

Emergency Service

Covid-19 Protocols

Our teams are actively monitoring communications from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), the World Health Organization (“WHO”), and federal agencies to ensure we are operating consistent with the latest guidance to contain the spread of SARS-CoV-2 , the cause of COVID-19.

We have trained our employees on maintaining appropriate social distance throughout the workday and the critical importance of personal hygiene with a specific emphasis on handwashing before, during, and after all jobs.  We also provide our employees with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) where necessary so they can perform their work safely and with confidence.


All employees will remain in appropriate PPE during all jobs while maintaining a safe distance from all customers. All areas will be surveyed for debris and then wiped down upon completion with an EPA Registered Disinfectant.

Buildings / Commercial Space

All employees will remain in appropriate PPE during all jobs while maintaining a safe distance from all customers. All areas will be surveyed for debris and then wiped down upon completion with an EPA Registered Disinfectant. This includes all high traffic areas such as handrails, elevator buttons, doorknobs, and doors that have been used.

We also have enhanced our Equipment Disinfection Protocol with the introduction of an additional EPA Antimicrobial Registered Disinfectant which also meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 and other Emerging Viral Pathogens. All cleaning equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after every job for the health and safety of our employees and to limit any risk of transfer. This process is repeated at the end of each workday along with a complete cleaning and disinfection of our service vehicles.

Our Process

Welcome Call

All calls and inquiries are handled by our trained representatives who are knowledgeable and compassionate of your personal situation. We understand the challenges as well as the sensitivity to your situation and cater to the needs of each client.


Our representative is interested in your goals for your home and will ask questions regarding your needs, concerns and budget.

On-Site Visit

The Owner will personally visit each project site and meet with the client for a brief walkthrough to understand the task at hand. We feel it is important to understand the details of your situation and the items that the team will be working with.

Project Scope

Post-visit our team develops a scope of work which will include the services and details that were discussed during the estimate, a timeline, and the costs of all services requested.


When you are ready to move forward with scheduling, we request a signed contract with the listed scope of work, your deposit in order to hold your date, team, and trucks, and then we go over the details on what to expect on the day of your cleanup.

The Cleanup

The owner is a hands-on Project Manager who will supervise the cleanup process. The owner or a certified supervisor is always there to assist you with any concerns or special requests.

Project Inspection

Upon completion, the owner or supervisor on-site will review the service agreement and scope of work to inspect for any oversight, requests or unsatisfactory workmanship. We want to be sure we have met all of your expectations.

Client's Walk-Through

After completion, you will be accompanied by the supervisor on-site for a walk-through to ensure we have executed all that was discussed and the cleaning has met all of your expectations. We will note any additional requests or wishes that you may have and execute those immediately.


Upon completion and your final walkthrough, we then finalize the balance.

Post-Project Follow-up

Our clients are more than a number or a job. We make it a point to follow-up after the work is done because our clients are part of our brand new family and we are grateful to have been part of your project!

Specialty Cleaning Services

Cleanup and Cleanout

Home Cleanup and Cleanout

Home Cleanup Service

Home cleanup service is a comprehensive approach to the restoration of a home that has been neglected.  Cleanup services as those provided by New York Home Cleaning Services can declutter and remove junk and unwanted items, organize and package items for storage, deep clean and disinfect.  The company also provide additional home improvement services like wall repairs and painting, wood floor refinish, pressure washing and pest control application.

Home Cleanout Service

Home cleanout services are often the solution for home sellers and rental properties.  Preparing your home for sale often needs decluttering, organizing and deep cleaning.  Proper preparation of the home prior to listing it for sale could be the difference in the value and amount you can receive for your home.  After all, a clean and organized home is most appealing to home buyers.  Move-Out cleanout service engage in the cleanup after a tenant has moved-out, evicted or abundant to property. Rental properties often are left behind with biohazard contaminants, unwanted household items and physical damage.  New York Home Cleaning Services is a company that can deep clean, disinfect and repair rental properties restoring them to a market ready status. We can even cleanout retail, commercial and industrial properties needing junk removal or dismantle of fixtures and furniture such ass those in a restaurant or warehouse.

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