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Hoarder Residences Are Health and Safety Hazards – Queens Hoarding Cleanup


It’s difficult to describe a hoarder’s residence without mentioning the dangers. Narrow paths wind through piles of papers and boxes. Bedrooms may be inaccessible, and the bathroom may be only marginally usable. An avalanche can be as life-threatening as a fire started by a stray spark. Buried beneath the papers and trash is an active insect and vermin population. Also, don’t forget about the pet damage. That’s why a hoarding cleanup in Queens requires an experienced company to remedy the situation.

Hoarders and the condition of their residences are very much the same everywhere you go. However, the cleanup procedures may vary depending upon the circumstances. Here are a few that require consideration:

1. The hoarder is present. It is a good bet that the hoarder is not the one wants the cleanup, making this a delicate situation. However, the hoarder may have information to contribute to the effort.

2. The residence is an apartment. The concern here is the insects and vermin. The challenge is to make it so that they don’t spread to the rest of the building.

3. Locate and secure valuables. It all looks like junk and the temptation would be to dispose of it. However, it is a reasonable bet that there are actual valuables buried somewhere. The hoarder, if present, might be of some assistance locating them.

Once the trash is gone, and the valuables are secure, the cleaning, disinfecting and other restoration steps begin. In extreme cases, the restoration may extend to removing carpets and refinishing hardwood floors. We do it all in Queens, as well as the tri-state area – we are the ones to call!

So, if you have a hoarding situation that needs attention, or if you are just a packrat who needs a little help, contact New York Home Cleanup Service today for a free estimate and a 15% discount on your first project. We can be reached at (844) 366-9427 or through our online contact form.


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