Long Island Deep Cleaning Service Is Like Auto Detailing for Your Home

Long Island Deep Cleaning Service Is Like Auto Detailing for Your Home

You care a great deal for your home, and it shows. You conscientiously clean everything in sight until it sparkles. What about the areas that are out of sight? A deep cleaning service in Long Island gets all those critical areas you may be neglecting, never thought of, or simply don’t have enough time to tackle.

Deep Clean Before You Move in

You just purchased a new home in Long Island, and it seems spotless. It’s in move-in condition, or is it? A move in itself is stressful enough. Deep cleaning this house beforehand provides a fresh start so you can move in with less on your plate.

Deep Clean to Make Your Home Habitable

You just went house shopping and found a real bargain. This bargain requires deep cleaning for one of the following reasons:

• It was abandoned
• It was the subject of a foreclosure
• It was abused by previous owners, vandals or squatters
• It is a health hazard due to infestation, animal waste or clutter

Deep Cleaning Addresses the Most Difficult Cleaning Challenges

Cleaning a home to this level is like hitting a health reset button. Once complete, it will be as clean and healthy as a new home. There are several aspects to the deep cleaning process.

1. Clutter Removal: This will allow you to reclaim your space.

2. Air Cleaning: Fans and other devices remove moisture. Air filtration removes dust, pollen and other chemical agents. Odor treatment happens at the source. Duct and vent cleaning complete the process.

3. Surface Cleaning: Disinfect all surfaces. Steam clean kitchens and bathrooms to eliminate microorganisms and remove difficult stains. Clean or send out carpets if they are salvageable. Discard if they are not. Pressure wash surfaces if appropriate.

4. Finishing Touches: Paint walls, refinish wood floors and perform necessary maintenance.

If you have decided that you need a Long Island deep cleaning service, call us. When it comes to deep cleaning, we do it all. Contact New York Home Cleanup Service for your free onsite estimate. We can be reached through our online contact form or at (844) 366-9427. Receive a 15% discount on your first project!

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