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Move-In Specialty Cleaning for your new purchased home or rental prior to occupying.  Moving into a new living place without thoroughly disinfecting and sanitizing could be a mistake that may result in health problems For instance, air born contaminates circulating in the home cause respiratory hazards .  In addition, countertops and other surfaces may be germ infested causing a health risk.  New homes are infected in a non-visible way, therefore presenting a silent danger. Move-In Specialty Cleaning process eliminates dangerous conditions as biohazard, germs and bacteria including tics and bed bugs.  Because these tiny organisms are impossible to notice prior to move-in the need for such cleaning is overlooked.  Why a specialty cleaning service? the difference between a made or housekeeping cleaning service and those who specialize in disinfecting and sanitizing is knowledgeable, proper solutions and equipment.

In addition, if a homes or apartment has been vacant for a long time chances are that it developed air quality issues that will need to be eliminated prior to occupying the space in order to eliminate raspatory infections or other breathing related illnesses, above all, the most important is a healthy home.

Specialty Move-In cleaning is not the same as deep cleaning provided by a maid service or housekeeping providers. Move-In Cleaning focuses on disinfecting and sanitizing as we as the quality of air within the home.  These services use Disinfectants that are EPA Registered, Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive and without hazardous fumes. Wall are wiped down removing any dust, soot and contaminants. And surfaces are steamed cleaned for further elimination of germs and bacteria.

Heavy Duty Cleaning:

  • Air Quality
  • Mildew
  •  Mold
  •  Odor Elimination (Tabaco, Smoke, Bacteria)
  •  Dust Elimination (HEPA Vacuum)
  •  Steam Cleaning Surfaces
  •  Wall Wipe Down
  •  Disinfecting & Sanitizing
  •  Decluttering & Organizing

Biohazard & Infectious Cleaning:

  •  Feces & Urine
  •  Bed Bugs & Parasites
  •  Rodents & Critters
  •  Pests & Insects
  •  Blood
  •  Bacteria & Germs
  •  Mold & Fungi
  •  Dead Animals
  •  Crime Scene
  •  Drug Homes

Additional Move-In services may include improvements such as painting, wood floor refinishing and pest control.  Specialty Move-In Cleaning provides a complete whole house heavy duty cleaning and esthetic improvements so you can move-in to your home and enjoy a healthier life in a beautiful space.


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