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Hoarder House Cleaning

Hoarder homes and cluttered homes require comprehensive cleaning in order to restore the homeowner’s health and safety. Intervention by family members, social workers or the courts often includes a specialty deep cleaning provider with the ability to declutter, organize, clean and disinfect the neglected residence.

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What are Symptoms and Behaviors of Hoarding Disorder?

A Hoarding Disorder has several associations, from depression to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).  The most common disorder is that of an obsessive compulsive personality disorder (OCPD).  Common hoarding symptoms are the inability to discard or throw away unwanted or worthless items.  Hoarders often can not throw away old magazines, newspapers, empty bags etc. In addition they compulsively purchase items which are needless or simply as they find them unique although they have no use for them.  Hoarders are emotionally effected by the discarding and throwing away of these items.  A hoarder’s family member and friend often describe that a hoarder has a panic, anxiety and unusual behavioral activity if an item is thrown away or discarded.  These fillings and behavior can also be triggered by the simple act of a family member or friend touching or picking up an item.  Many hoarders embrace a belief that all of their collected items have a use and value, if not today than tomorrow.

Hoarder's Quality of Life

A hoarder’s quality of life declines grossly and is far below the quality and standards of an average individual.  A hoarder’s home present a health and safety issues that continues to increase each day unless intervention occurs.  Without intervention by a family member, friend or social worker the hoarder’s life can not be improved.  The necessity for intervention is because a hoarding disorder often include depression, sham and other mental disabilities preventing a hoarder to self-rehab and declutter a home.

A hoarder’s is often deprive of basic living qualities.  Hoarder’s are mostly anti-social, uninviting and depressed.  A hoarder disorder is commonly coupled with anger and resentment, a behavior that further excludes them from social functions and celebrations.  These hoarder attributes of time become more and more difficult demanding cure through intervention and regular psychiatric help.

Hoarder’s Home Health

A hoarder’s house is unhealthy in many ways.  A hoarder’s health is often effected by the quality of air circulating in the house.  The air quality in a hoarder’s home is contaminated by air born impurities often including dust, mold and others. Hoarding homes are often saturated by odor caused by bacteria.  Almost all cases of a hoarder’s home include biohazard conditions in areas such as bathroom and kitchen where germs and bacteria are often colonizing.  Additionally, areas under clutter are open where bugs, insects and rodents live, multiple and leave their feces and urine.  In almost all hoarder’s house cleaning, after the home has been decluttered and cleaned, the home including attic and basement must be vacuumed using a HEPA Vacuum in order to remove and eliminate dust. Than treated with disinfectant solutions and steam cleaning of surfaces whereby maximizing the elimination and killing of germs.  Because hoarder’s often are ashamed of their home and living conditions, they avoid other maintenance to house hold necessities such as heating, air conditioning and plumbing.  When these appliances fail or malfunction the homeowner often forced to live in a cold home or without hot water which further present a health hazard.

Hoarder’s Home Safety

A hoarder’s clutter is a safety matter.  A hoarding home that is cluttered and filled with junk is a safety hazard to the homeowner and family.  The safety hazards are caused by the obstruction of hallways, stairs and safe access to shelves and cabinets.  Hoarder’s injuries related to slip and fall are common, more so with elderly hoarders who are physically challenged.  Other safety related issues are those of malfunctioning and broken household items.  A broken glass shelf or door in the shower areas can easy become a fatal tragedy.  A broken lamp or electrical fixture can cause electric shock with additional injuries.  These safety conditions are never corrected as the hoarding disorder prevents the homeowner from allowing repair technicians or help to enter the house.

Hoarder's Home Cleaning and Restoration

A hoarding home can be cleaned and restored by using a specialty cleaning service like New York Home Cleaning Service.  The company specializes in hoarder house cleaning and restoration and provides thorough decluttering, cleaning, disinfecting, repairs and repainting services.  The best way to clean a hoarding home is using the following steps and methods:

  • Hire a licensed and insured contractor with past experience and highest reviews.
  • The contractor should work closely with homeowner and family in deciding what to discard and what to keep.
  • The project should start by removing hoarder’s junk and unwanted items. Than haul away legally to a dump site.
  • Declutter and Organize. Items which to remain in the home should be organized and\or packaged and stored
  • Deep Cleaning focusing on removing all dirt, impurities and contaminants from home, including attic, basement and garage.
  • Repair wall, doors and fixtures.  Than repaint and refinish wood floor as needed.
  • Disinfect all surface areas using EPA Registered Solutions and Steam Cleaning Machines.
  • Optional pest control application to further rid and protect from bugs and insects.

A properly restored hoarder’s home should look new and be bug and germs free.  The benefits of a professional hoarding home cleaning and restoration will help the hoarder’s disorder improve and will be healthier and safe to live in. Hoarding home cleaning benefits include:

  • Improved Air Quality
  • Health and Safety
  • Better Use of Space
  • Home Value
  • Homeowner’s Mental Health

Our Process

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All calls and inquiries are handled by our trained representatives who are knowledgeable and compassionate of your personal situation. We understand the challenges as well as the sensitivity to your situation and cater to the needs of each client.


Our representative is interested in your goals for your home and will ask questions regarding your needs, concerns and budget.

On-Site Visit

The Owner will personally visit each project site and meet with the client for a brief walkthrough to understand the task at hand. We feel it is important to understand the details of your situation and the items that the team will be working with.

Project Scope

Post-visit our team develops a scope of work which will include the services and details that were discussed during the estimate, a timeline, and the costs of all services requested.


When you are ready to move forward with scheduling, we request a signed contract with the listed scope of work, your deposit in order to hold your date, team, and trucks, and then we go over the details on what to expect on the day of your cleanup.

The Cleanup

The owner is a hands-on Project Manager who will supervise the cleanup process. The owner or a certified supervisor is always there to assist you with any concerns or special requests.

Project Inspection

Upon completion, the owner or supervisor on-site will review the service agreement and scope of work to inspect for any oversight, requests or unsatisfactory workmanship. We want to be sure we have met all of your expectations.

Client's Walk-Through

After completion, you will be accompanied by the supervisor on-site for a walk-through to ensure we have executed all that was discussed and the cleaning has met all of your expectations. We will note any additional requests or wishes that you may have and execute those immediately.


Upon completion and your final walkthrough, we then finalize the balance.

Post-Project Follow-up

Our clients are more than a number or a job. We make it a point to follow-up after the work is done because our clients are part of our brand new family and we are grateful to have been part of your project!


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