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Specialty Home Cleaning Services in New York, NY and Tri-State Area

Specialty Home Cleaning Service focus on healthier and safer living through decluttering and deep cleaning. We work with homeowners, family members, social workers, and adult caregivers seeking to improve their loved one’s lives. Our services include even the most extreme cleanup such as hoarders house cleanup and deceased home cleaning.  Heavy duty cleaning packages and discounts for seniors, veterans, and all of those in need of a fresh start and a little help. Specialty cleaning and restoration of neglected, abandoned and contaminated homes. Licensed and Insured by the State of New York, NYC and New York’s Business Integrity Commission (BIC).

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“We will be honored and gratified by the opportunity to be part of your care taking team.”

~ Raul & Bonni, Owners\Operators

Deep Cleaning Vs. Specialty Home Cleaning

The difference between cleaning and disinfecting

What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting? Understanding the difference between cleaning and disinfecting could be the difference in your health and those who live in your home.  Improving your air quality and disinfecting in your home can reduce exposure to unnecessary germs, bacteria, odors, and illnesses.


Cleaning is defined as the removal of dirt, impurities and contaminants. Example of cleaning by most maid services and housekeeping providers is wiping down counters and floors. maids and housekeepers mostly clean areas within reach and those visible, thereby leaving behind germs and bacteria that present health hazards and odor. Your home may smell fresh or clean after a maid service leaves because of fragrances in cleaning chemicals which mask the underlying problem. However, unless surfaces have been disinfected germs and bacteria will survive therefore increasing the risk of spreading infections and diseases. Unfortunately, such practice is a standard in deep cleaning service provided by maid service or housekeeping providers.


Disinfecting is defined as killing germs, microscopic organisms, on surfaces using special solutions and technology. Therefore its not necessarily a cleaning process rather a germ killing procedure which intends to reduce the risk of spreading disease or illness. The procedure is done after a thorough cleaning has been completed and all surfaces are relieved of dirt and impurities. A specialty home cleaning provider is knowledgeable and trained on discovering vulnerable and germ hiding areas. Common germ and bacteria infected areas are counter tops, tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, faucets, sinks, even your walls and more. Heavy duty cleaning those areas and then applying the germ and bacteria killing disinfecting solution.

A skilled and thorough deep cleaning specialty service will eliminate health risks and improve the quality of living. Specialty cleaning service like New York Home Cleaning Services use EPA Registered disinfecting solutions that are non-chlorine, non-corrosive and have no  toxic fumes. Additional disinfecting treatments are provided via steaming of surfaces, HEPA Vacuuming and Air Scrubbing.  The Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  states that disinfecting lowers the risk of spreading infection.

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Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Biohazard & Infectious Cleaning

Specialty Cleaning Services

Cleanup and Cleanout

Home Cleanup and Cleanout

Home Cleanup Service

Home cleanup service is a comprehensive approach to the restoration of a home that has been neglected.  Cleanup services as those provided by New York Home Cleaning Services can declutter and remove junk and unwanted items, organize and package items for storage, deep clean and disinfect.  The company also provide additional home improvement services like wall repairs and painting, wood floor refinish, pressure washing and pest control application.

Home Cleanout Service

Home cleanout services are often the solution for home sellers and rental properties.  Preparing your home for sale often needs decluttering, organizing and deep cleaning.  Proper preparation of the home prior to listing it for sale could be the difference in the value and amount you can receive for your home.  After all, a clean and organized home is most appealing to home buyers.  Move-Out cleanout service engage in the cleanup after a tenant has moved-out, evicted or abundant to property. Rental properties often are left behind with biohazard contaminants, unwanted household items and physical damage.  New York Home Cleaning Services is a company that can deep clean, disinfect and repair rental properties restoring them to a market ready status. We can even cleanout retail, commercial and industrial properties needing junk removal or dismantle of fixtures and furniture such ass those in a restaurant or warehouse.

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Our Process

Welcome Call

All calls and inquiries are handled by our trained representatives who are knowledgeable and compassionate of your personal situation. We understand the challenges as well as the sensitivity to your situation and cater to the needs of each client.


Our representative is interested in your goals for your home and will ask questions regarding your needs, concerns and budget.

On-Site Visit

The Owner will personally visit each project site and meet with the client for a brief walkthrough to understand the task at hand. We feel it is important to understand the details of your situation and the items that the team will be working with.

Project Scope

Post-visit our team develops a scope of work which will include the services and details that were discussed during the estimate, a timeline, and the costs of all services requested.


When you are ready to move forward with scheduling, we request a signed contract with the listed scope of work, your deposit in order to hold your date, team, and trucks, and then we go over the details on what to expect on the day of your cleanup.

The Cleanup

The owner is a hands-on Project Manager who will supervise the cleanup process. The owner or a certified supervisor is always there to assist you with any concerns or special requests.

Project Inspection

Upon completion, the owner or supervisor on-site will review the service agreement and scope of work to inspect for any oversight, requests or unsatisfactory workmanship. We want to be sure we have met all of your expectations.

Client's Walk-Through

After completion, you will be accompanied by the supervisor on-site for a walk-through to ensure we have executed all that was discussed and the cleaning has met all of your expectations. We will note any additional requests or wishes that you may have and execute those immediately.


Upon completion and your final walkthrough, we then finalize the balance.

Post-Project Follow-up

Our clients are more than a number or a job. We make it a point to follow-up after the work is done because our clients are part of our brand new family and we are grateful to have been part of your project!


Safe For You and Safe For Your Home...

Application is Non-Chlorine, Non-Bleach, Non-Corrosive, Non-Toxic and is EPA Registered Disinfectant Application

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