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Specialty Home Cleaning Service in New York, NY.
Specialty Home Cleaning Services

Specialty Home Cleaning Services in New York, NY. and Tri-State Area

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Specialty Cleaning Services

Home Heavy Duty Cleaning

Improve Air Quality, Eliminate Dust & Odor, Steam Clean Surfaces and more...

Whole house heavy duty cleaning is much more than a simple deep cleaning provided by a maid service.  Heavy Duty Cleaning focuses on your health and the quality of life in your home.  Heavy Duty Cleaning includes cleaning and improvements of: Air Quality, Disinfecting & Sanitizing, Dust Elimination, Odor Elimination, Organizing & Sorting, Steam Cleaning and MORE

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Disinfecting and Sanitizing Specialty Cleaning

Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Disinfecting and sanitizing clean team will response quickly to specialty deep cleaning needs of hoarder homes, cluttered homes or court order cleaning.  We provide a 24/7 biohazard cleaning for sewage overflow, crime scene and any biohazard disaster including animal activities.  MORE

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Hoarder Cleaning

Hoarder House Cleaning

Hoarder homes and cluttered homes require comprehensive cleaning in order to restore the homeowner’s health and safety. Intervention by family members, social workers or the courts often includes a specialty deep cleaning provider with the ability to declutter, organize, clean and disinfect the neglected residence.  New York Home Cleaning Services is the best deep cleaning service in NYC as the company provides a unique deep cleaning and cleanup service which restore even the most extreme hoarding home or hazardous living areas. Specialty home cleaning services remove clutter and organize, clean dirt and impurities, wipe down walls and disinfect all surfaces. More about Hoarder House Cleaning.

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Biohazard & Infectious

Biohazard, Decontamination, and Crime Scene & Deceased Cleaning

Biohazard cleanup and cleaning of contamination should be done immediately upon discovery.  Because biohazard is a major health risk and delays can cause additional property damage, time is of the essence.  Biohazard contamination include:

  • Dead animal, animal feces and urine, rodent dropping and activities  requires a specialty biohazard cleanup service with knowledge and certification in biohazard cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Deceased home cleaning  where a human expired body is present, blood and body fluids, require specialty cleaning in order to eliminate the health risks and odor.
  • Sewage overflow cleaning requires special cleanup of contaminated liquid and solids and removal of flooring and walls infected by the hazardous materials.

In New York City and Long Island companies like New York Home Cleaning Services provides a 24\7 biohazard emergency response.  The company is located in Queens, NY and is equipped with technology and solutions to immediately attack the most extreme biohazard disaster.

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Basement , Attic & Garage

Basement, Attic and Garage Cleaning

Why You Should Clean Your Attic, Basement and Garage.

Often people ask, why should I clean my attic and basement? I never use the place and its out of sight.  So, here are several reasons why you benefit from a clean and organized basement, attic and garage space.  New York Home Cleaning Services a specialty deep cleaning, decluttering and organizing service in New York, NY. and Tri-State Area strongly believe and focus on healthier and safer homes. Owners Raul and Bonni explains their top priority in any cleanup and heavy duty cleaning project is improving the air quality, sanitation and safety of a clients home.  Attic, Basement and Garage areas often hide biohazards such as rodent feces and urine, dead rats, mold and mildew which contaminate the air.  Further, if left untreated biohazard and other organisms may slowly damage the structure of your home. Safety is another great reason to clean your remote areas like basements and attics.  Over-time the accumulation of clutter creates obstruction in walkways and presents danger to homeowners, especially seniors and elderly.  Often people trip and fall over clutter injuring  themselves greatly. Read more why and how  much it cost to clean basement, attic and garage cleaning cost of cleaning

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Cleanup and Cleanout

Home Cleanup and Cleanout

Home Cleanup Service

Home cleanup service is a comprehensive approach to the restoration of a home that has been neglected.  Cleanup services as those provided by New York Home Cleaning Services can declutter and remove junk and unwanted items, organize and package items for storage, deep clean and disinfect.  The company also provide additional home improvement services like wall repairs and painting, wood floor refinish, pressure washing and pest control application.

Home Cleanout Service

Home cleanout services are often the solution for home sellers and rental properties.  Preparing your home for sale often needs decluttering, organizing and deep cleaning.  Proper preparation of the home prior to listing it for sale could be the difference in the value and amount you can receive for your home.  After all, a clean and organized home is most appealing to home buyers.  Move-Out cleanout service engage in the cleanup after a tenant has moved-out, evicted or abundant to property. Rental properties often are left behind with biohazard contaminants, unwanted household items and physical damage.  New York Home Cleaning Services is a company that can deep clean, disinfect and repair rental properties restoring them to a market ready status. We can even cleanout retail, commercial and industrial properties needing junk removal or dismantle of fixtures and furniture such ass those in a restaurant or warehouse.

Read more about Cleanup and Cleanout Services  provided in New York, NY. and Tri-State Area.

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Application is Non-Chlorine, Non-Bleach, Non-Corrosive, Non-Toxic and is EPA Registered Disinfectant Application