Attic, Basement and Garage Cleaning

Attic, Basement and Garage Cleanup and Organizing Service

Attic, Basement and Garage cleaning and organizing are more than for looks.  These remote areas are dark and tight to maneuver in the present danger to homeowners.  More so, areas like attics and basement are often neglected yielding to rodents,  insects and microorganisms to colonize.  Attics, basements and garages that are neglect for long period of time will present a safety and health hazards.  Attic, Basement and Garage  cleanup service remove and haul away clutter and unwanted items.  After the removal of clutter and unwanted items the areas are given a  heavy duty cleaning service includes pressure washing, wall cleaning and repairs, repainting and pest control application.  The last step in restoring cluttered and neglected attic, basement and garage areas is the organizing of items that are to remain for future need.  These items are organized based on the need frequency, homeowner physical ability and accessibility.

Attic, basement and garage cleaning service are for home, estate, retail space and commercial facilities. These services are applicable to any storage space which is cluttered and neglected that present danger or is in violation of city code.

Attic, Basement and Garage Cleanup and Organizing Service Include:

  • Removal of Clutter and Unwanted Items: With the consent of the homeowner we will remove and discard unwanted items and junk than haul away.  Remaining items can be organized in bins provided upon request.
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning: Dirt & Dust Removal, Wipe-Down of Walls and Surfaces.
  • Pressure Washing and Power Washing: Washing of floor, walls, and dirt build up on all surfaces.
  • Wall Repairs and Repaint: Basement walls and floors are primed and repainted to restore your basement or attic to a beautiful and useful space that is healthier and safe.
  • Repairs & Improvements: Repairs to floor, walls and structure as needed. Repaint floor and walls.
  • Pest Control: Pest control is applied prior to returning shelving, fixtures and item.
  • Organizing:  Once the area has been completely decluttered, cleaned and restored we return the items which the homeowner decided to keep and organize them in a safe and accessible manner.

A clean attic, basement and garage is more than looks…. it’s healthier and safer living!