Cleanup and Cleanout Service

What is the Difference Between Cleanup and Cleanout?

Cleanup and cleanout service provide a spectrum of cleaning services.  These cleaning services are provided to homeowners, tenants, property management and landlords who have a need for indoor and outdoor cleaning.  What is the difference between cleanup and cleanout? The difference between cleanup and cleanout is determined by the occupancy of the property.  Although cleanup and cleanout are different in approach, both services provide similar cleaning tasks. Below are cleanup and cleanout cleaning tasks commonly provide by companies like New York Home Cleaning Services located in Queens, NY.


Why you need a Cleanup or Cleanout Service

You will need a cleanup or cleanout service due to several reasons.  Eviction of a tenant may require a cleanout service prior to the home or property is presented for rent or sale.  Another reason why you will need a cleanout cleaning service is when the City Code Enforcement issues a warning that demand a homeowner remove items which are not approved by city code or present danger to homeowner and others.  A neglected home or hoarder home like those of an elderly or mentally ill resident are cleanup cleaning projects which require the cleaning contractor to coordinate and plan with the resident,  family members or social worker who often intervene. Cleanup services provide decluttering, organizing, and deep cleaning of occupied residents.  Cleanout cleaning service doesn’t require any decluttering or organizing of the home however, cleanout contractor may offer a service of packing and moving items to a storage facilty or long term care housing. More Cleanup and Cleanout tasks and scenarios are listed below;


Cleanup Cleaning Service


  • Declutter – Years of neglect, hoarding of unwanted items or junk that is often blocking walkways, stairs and covering counters and tables. Decluttering your home requires removal of some items and packaging than storing others.  Decluttering is a process of organizing by discarding, eliminating and store household contents.


  • Specialty Deep Cleaning – After a home has been decluttered and organized it must be cleaned.  A specialty deep cleaning service provides cleaning from top to bottom.  From attic to the basement the home is cleaned by removing dirt, impurities and dust.  Specialty deep cleaning is much more than a deep cleaning provided by maid service or housekeeping company.  Because specialty deep cleaning wipes down walls, cleans inside cabinets, behind appliances and more.  Areas that are never cleaned by maid or housekeeping are cleaned by a specialty deep cleaning service.


  • Disinfecting & Sanitizing – A homeowner may choose to further sanitize and disinfect the home after the deep cleaning is done.  Deep cleaning does not sanitize your home! Sanitizing is a process that kills germs throughout the home.  Sanitizing using EPA Registered Solutions and Steaming Surfaces will reduce the risk of infections as suggested by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).


  • Biohazard Cleanup Cleaning – Biohazard cleaning is often needed as part of a home cleanup.  During the cleanup a home may be impacted by biological organisms that present a health hazard to the habitants.  Biohazard substances such as mold, blood, feces & urine, dead rodents and animals, must be removed and areas must be treated for biohazard contamination. More about biohazard cleaning


  • Home Improvements – A cleanup contractor will provide a homeowner options to make repairs to walls, repaint the interior of the home and refinish wood floor. Cleanup home improvements are common for attics, basements, garage and home.


  • Pest Control – Pest control is often needed in homes that have been neglected for a period of time allowing bed bugs, and insects pests to colonize.  A cleanup contractor is trained to recognize these activities and apply an EPA Certified pesticide and insecticide.  Eliminating pests and insects infestation is critical to a homeowners health because many diseases and illness derive from an insect or pest.


Cleanout Cleaning Service


Cleanout service is slightly different from cleanup service because there are no habitants in the home or property.  Therefore, when no habitants or public are present, the risk of harm is reduced.  For example, in a cleanup where habitants or public is present a contractor prevent dust, fumes and airborne materials from harming others.

  • Eviction & Foreclosure – Eviction and foreclosure cleanout cleaning for residential and commercial properties is more than junk removal.  The cleaning contractor will removes items left behind by the tenant or resident often requiring the dismantling and hauling away junk. Eviction and foreclosure cleanout and cleaning is provided for the entire property including the basement, attic, garage and backyard.


  • Estate Cleanout –  Estate cleanout provides the homeowner and family assistance with packing items needing storage, hauling away unwanted items and junk and deep cleaning the estate home.  Estate moveout cleaning requires a professional contractor which works closely with the homeowner and family.  The contractor must have the knowledge, staff and technology need to perform a moveout and heavy duty cleaning of the estate preparing it for future use.


  •  Moveout & For Sale – Moveout cleaning service provides tenant services that organize, package and deep clean the home.  Preparing your home for sale and move-out can be demanding and stressful.  Choosing the proper service provider will eliminate all the unnecessary stress and anxiety.  A professional moveout cleaning service can help increase the value of your home by deep cleaning it and making the minor improvements prior to presenting your home for sale.  As a tenant, returning your home or apartment back to your landlord after a professional moveout cleaning will eliminate the landlord cleaning charges, landlord dispute and refund of deposit.


  • Tragedy & Trauma –  Because often a tragedy and trauma include a diseased family member or displacement of the homeowner, a cleanout service is required clear out the home.  In some cases the cleanout has to include biohazard cleaning for the cleanup of blood and other body fluids.  A professional cleanout and cleanup service that is certified, licensed and insured must be contracted for proper cleanout of tragedy and trauma.

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