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New York Home Cleaning Service is a specialty home deep cleaning and restoration company located in New York, NY. and Serving New York, NY. and Tri-State Area.  Our mission is to improve the quality of homeowners life through healthy and safety cleaning.  Services include specialty home deep cleaningcleanup and cleanout, disinfecting and biohazard cleaning.

Whole House Cleanup



Specialty Deep Cleaning Brooklyn

Watch this gratifying cleanup and cleanout review from a customer in New York, NY.  Whole house  heavy duty cleaning .  The cleanup services provide for the removal of clutter, junk and sanitizing of surfaces.


Cleanup at Policano’s House

When you are busy running a business and life prevents you from being organized you call New York Home Cleaning Service Service.  We can remove any unwanted junk from your house or backyard.  Cleanup your basement or attic. Watch Policano’s cleanup and cleanout review and testimonial of his project in New York, NY.

20 Years of Clutter

The pile of clutter only gets bigger as the years go by.  Whole house cleanup can restore your living space and return your home to a clean and functional environment.  The New York Home Cleaning Service Service Crew can undo 20 years of hoarding in just 48hrs. Watch this cleanup and cleanout review and testimonial by a real homeowner in New York, NY.  The cleanup review was provided by the homeowner.


“A Fabulous Job”

Nothing motivates our cleanup crew more than the kind words of recognition by our customers.  In the core of our service is customer care and the passion for cleaning.  Exceeding our customer’s expectation is our goal and reward.

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Hoarder House Cleaning

A hoarder house present many challenges

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